Beach Cleaning Program:

Beach Cleaning Program is an initiative to clean our beaches of coastal debris and rubbish such as plastic bottles, broken glass, papers & more wastes. Among the organizations supporting the cleaning project are the Network of Environmental Educators, By participating in beach clean-ups, volunteers learn about the extent to which humanity is causing environmental damage to the marine ecosystems. The waste we pick up is a result of years of, indiscriminately, throwing trash at sea. Reducing our consumption, recycling and getting rid of waste adequately are some of the solutions that could help change this tendency.


Keeping the Shoreline Neat.

Clearing the Garbage Dump.

Collecting tons of waste with the support from Corporate organisation.

Human Sewage or cattle excrement (water Pollution) should be restricted at the shore.

Using Jute or decomposable bags to cleanup the garbage.

Subsequent Consequences:

Polluting the sea also causes in diseases such as Hepatitis & cholera.

Industrial waste release-Industrial sewage will create severe damage to sea.

Plastic waste being another threat adding to water pollution.Plastic Pollution occurs due to accumulation of plastic waste for long in seas beds as it is
not decomposed fast.

Incurring in Economic costs When water has been polluted, there is money needed to purify water, remove plastics from water bodies and so on.

Creating Awareness:

Since we need create address the Sea Debris being one in community its more essential to create an awareness among the people nation wide.

Environmental Educational centres should be encouraged wisely Effective waste water management system.

We Need to Implicate few activities such as:

Emptying the dustbins located in the beachside so that the air is not polluted either.

Volunteer time spent for Beach clean up.


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