Stress and CBD

Truth be told, there is no denying the impact stress and anxiety has on both our minds and bodies. From work to personal life as well as the moments that are out of our control, we experience a number of stressful situations every day.The downside to this life is that stress isn’t going anywhere. So, what are our options? Learning how to better respond and manage the way certain situations and experiences affect us. Here are some real life tips our team came up with on how to manage work and social life flooded by stress and anxiety.

When we talk about absorption of CBD, we are talking about the intake of CBD that strongly lies on the route of it’s administration or how it is absorbed. Whether the oil is dropped under the tongue, inhaled, ingested still works perfectly, depending on individuals preferences

Excising is very important. Hit the gym for a work out, head to a yoga class, or go for an extra long walk. Exercising can give your mind and body the break they need from the day to day. Eat whole foods, drink lots of water, and get good sleep. When grocery shopping, stay on the outside perimeter of the store to shop for whole foods and not processed. Be sure to get at least 8 ounces of water into your day. And make sleep a priority by setting scheduled bedtimes to get between 7-9 hours of sleep per night.

Cleaning and re-organising your space, this can be your bedroom, recreational space and work desk can really help with stress reduction. Lay out your resources and materials for brainstorms and purposeful planning.

Lets take care of our bodies by all means.


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