The CUREDROPS difference

There’s many CBD oils in the market today and most of them are of poor quality due to lack of regulations and heavily imported products. The labelling causes confusion most of the time. Below we have put together the the four most important questions to ask when shopping for CBD.

Where is the hemp grown or sourced?

Our drops CBD oil is made from CBD hemp flowers grown in the USA. Drops CBD oil is rich and well tested by 3rd party to make sure that it is the best produced. The product has Zero THC.

Is the oil a full spectrum or isolated?

CUREDROPS is premium spectrum grade. Our oil is multi-use, which makes the oil edible. The full spectrum oils includes all of the cannabinoids found in hemp.

What other Ingredients are in the oil

CUREDROPS CBD has been shown to contain no additives, sweeteners or preservatives. It is extracted from hemp sometimes comes mint flavoured. This is great naturally processed product. CUREDROPS aims to deliver the highest quality of CBD oil on the european market imported from USA.

Is it 3rd party tested

At CUREDROPS all our products are made from rich hemp and are 3rd party lab tested for purity and potency. The 3rd party lab testing means that our product is sent to the lab where each and every batch of hemp is tested.

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